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Lately, I have been spoiling myself and taking myself out, something I would never have dreamed of doing worried I would be accused of cheating. But I have decided every young lady should go out and enjoy time to herself. As it turns out, I love eating at a 5-star restaurant alone, watching a good movie alone and book shopping by myself, and my boyfriend loves that I can go out and spoil myself.

These past few weeks I have tried a few new restaurants, and if you are around the New England area, specifically Portsmouth I have a few recommendations and a few I would not recommend. At each restaurant, I like to order a few small plates and one big plate.

The very first restaurant I tried was called Poco’s located on Two Ceres Street in Portsmouth, it is a tiny Mexican place down behind my work, and my god they made some strong margaritas! Be careful when ordering from here because their portions are incredibly large, at the dinner, I ended up having avocado fries, nachos and a lobster avocado salad which was to die for. Overall this place was great for people watching, it near the waterfront and people love to go there on dates to enjoy some simple Mexican food with a lot of fresh lobster mixed in. I will give them a second chance because I heard the steak tips are to die for, and I haven’t had the chance to try them yet.

The second restaurant I recently tried was called River House, located on 53 Bow street in Portsmouth. This place wasn’t the best I have ever been. I had a glass of their house red wine, Sautéed mussels, a salmon burger, and strawberry cheesecake. The wine was delicious; unfortunately, it tasted like the salmon burger may have been packaged instead of freshly made. The mussels were delicious, and I would highly recommend trying them. The strawberry cheesecake didn’t seem to have any real strawberry on top which was highly disappointing, but it did taste like strawberry.

The last restaurant I tried was called Moxy located on 106 Penhallow street in Portsmouth. It looks like a little hole in the wall, but inside it’s finally decorated, a bar below and a dining area on top. Deep red walls and olive-green accent walls. This place serves smaller plates called tapas, and they recommend starting with three dishes; naturally I got four. I began with beets that were topped with olive oil, roasted sunflower seeds and a sunflower paste on the bottom, not only was it delicious but the presentation was terrific. I then ordered a Portsmouth rarebit which was a local favorite, it had anadama bread with beer cheese, apple, and onion on top. The food itself smelled heavenly and had a lovely crunch to each bite. The next thing I had was fried clams, and this came on a cute wooden platter, the presentation was excellent, and it tasted heavenly, served with Dijon mustard sauce underneath the shish kabob fried clams. The Last thing they brought out to me was an orange ricotta cake. Oh my it was delicious the texture was to die for, and the real orange peel on top of the cake was so zesty and vibrant I was incredibly happy with the service and food from Moxy.

The last place I want to mention isn’t a restaurant but a new bakery in Downtown Portsmouth. Our beloved coffee shop that was a staple in Portsmouth has closed, and many people are looking for a new café to get their sweets and treats from. Elephantine Bakery is located on 10 Commercial Alley, it is a little hole in the wall with a wall of windows on the corner of the alley. It has tables outside creating the perfect small space to chit chat with friends. They currently do not have a website with a menu, but they are working on it. They bake all sorts of bread, cookies, croissants, and marshmallow goodness. Admittedly I have not tried any drinks there, but I am looking forward to going and trying some of the new things they have. They even started making lunch sandwiches! I highly recommend stopping in to check it out also if it’s just to say hello to the employees, everyone has been incredibly friendly!

I am going to try a few more places in the near future,

1. Cava (another tapas restaurant) located on commercial alley in Portsmouth.

2. Oar House located on 55 Ceres street in Portsmouth.

3. The Wilder located on 174 Fleet street in Portsmouth.

4. STREET located on 801 Islington street in Portsmouth.

5. The Goat (for cocktails) Located on 142 Congress street in Portsmouth.

If you have any recommendations for anywhere round the New England area, I would love to hear them! It has been exciting meeting new people and experiencing new foods that I wouldn’t have tried on the West Coast.


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