A Final Goodbye

For a few days, I have been so upset I wasn’t sure what to write about. My mind has been consumed with the past, and I decided instead of ignoring it, I will give the past its final goodbye. I want to say horrible things, and make the past cry as I have been, but that’s not who I am. I sobbed in my mother’s arms when I found out, and that’s okay. I’m human. I have been single out of respect, and now it’s been tainted, so I’ve given myself permission to go out and live life again.

I came here to work on myself in hopes the past would change, and yet I am moving forward, and the past is repeating a cycle. Sometimes things are better left from a distance. So instead of wishing everyone from last year a harmful end, I’ll say this:

I hope you grow; you need it more than I do.

I hope you find better values because you don’t have that much longer to figure it out.

I hope you all remain in good health and work every day to better yourself.

One day I hope you have the courage to admit you were wrong because I have admitted it several times over.

Lastly, I hope you figure out, even if you seem honest if you’re not internally honest, there is no point to your words or promises.

Remember, empty promises are lies too. Empty promises are what forces someone to take a way out, you can promise the world, but if there is no substance, they will always leave. That is an abusive cycle to put yourself through. So, this is my final goodbye; I will no longer wait for the past to show up at my house, in hopes of a magical moment where everything was worth the pain.

I will go out, I will be better than I was, I will be who I am meant to be, and I will be happier than you could imagine.

To new beginnings.


41 thoughts on “A Final Goodbye

  1. I have been and maybe I still am. I find it hard to find peace with the past.

    I love the line “empty promises are lies too”. Im surely going to need it in the future 😉

    I agree with new beginnings. I’m going to join you in that mindset 🙂

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    1. That is the biggest best lesson I learned. I have so many friends, and ex’s I had to learn to let go of. I have hated, been sad, and stayed in hope for too long. If anything changed they would have already made contact. I hope your new beginning is what you need to be happy. 🙂


    1. Thank you, I wanted to be hurtful and say horrible things but all I can do is wish everyone the best. Sometimes its easier to give my thoughts and walk away. Rather than stay and hurt myself. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your words it means more than you can imagine.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read. I was trying to write something else, but it wasn’t happening because of the way I felt. It’s important to share our feelings, it reminds us we are all human, when we are open.

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      1. Sometimes you just have to let the past go and only look toward the future! So many people are pretty mean and treat others so wrong and you definitely do not deserve having anyone treating you wrong! You are way too good of a person for anything other than positiveness and happiness! Great way to move on!!!

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      2. Its a two way street. I did things that weren’t good, and I’ve had to deal with unfair things. I’ve lived and learned from all these experiences. But it is time to look forward and not backwards.

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      3. That is a great way to think! You can not change what happened in the past only move towards the future! I am sure you learned from what you may have done wrong in the past and will not do it again. Stay strong and do not be hard on yourself. We all make mistakes in life!

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      1. Absolutely! You will accumulate many tools for your tool now along the way too. I had to step away from toxic people who were really draining me of my joy and my connection to self. It was a hard process and one that took me awhile but I finally feel like I’ve risen through the cracks and have come back to myself stronger than ever.

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  2. Outstanding start for your new beginning. Hang tough and stay the course. It won’t be easy, I know because I’m doing the same, I’m just a little ahead of you. Best wishes.

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