Perfect Dates Are A Lie.

Recently someone asked me a question; I stared at her like she was stupid. Rude, but true. She asked me what my dream date would be. I stood, and my mouth hung open trying to find the right words. As I’m staring at her, thousands of images float through my mind, and at that point, I was staring so hard it was probably awkward. I finally told her I didn’t know.

I used to tell people what they wanted to hear. If a guy asked me that question, I would say going to his favorite sports team to watch live or watching their favorite movie.

So, after staring at someone too long, and talking to myself too much on my jogs. I’ve finally come up with an answer. I don’t want a perfect date; I want something real. I want awkward giggles, shy smiles, and someone who is a little nervous about being with me. I’ve had my perfect date, I’ve memorized every single detail of that date, and I replay it repeatedly.

Society has told us we need to be perfect, find the right person, go on the best dates, and only then will you be happy. Well, that’s all B.S., and it’s not what I want. I’ve had all that, and I’m obviously single at this point in my life. I crave someone who wants to make themselves whole, not someone who aims to be perfect in every little thing. So why should I want a perfect date? That puts way too much pressure on everyone.

As we grow, we start realizing more and more what we want out of life. Perfect dates aren’t the number one thing on my mind, and probably never will be. Dating, in general, is not at the top of my to-do list, making myself whole has been my goal since I moved.


20 thoughts on “Perfect Dates Are A Lie.

  1. I find perfection in imperfection. ❤ ❤ ❤ No one is polished like a diamond.
    The real deal, that's what I want. Someone I can be myself with and they feel the same in my presence. So I am all with you, sister 😉

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  2. The only thing perfect on earth at this time is the blessed sacrament. But there’s hope. …..
    How about a perfectly real date? Enjoy your thoughts but I never pictured you to come apart. Lol love you.

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