A Bite Into My Life.

Recently I started a new job and opened a coffee stand. It has been an incredible experience, but I have also had some challenges. I was a lead at my old barista job, but this time around I am managing and must be a little harsher about certain things.

Along with new challenges I have a whole new set of coworkers, who are a brand of their own. Each has their flavors to go with their different personalities. I have five co-workers that I am responsible for managing. Every day I order muffins from my muffin man, and I realized each of my coworkers resembles a type of muffin we carry. I thought by making them each into a flavor would help you get a taste of my new life.

Zest Lemon Muffin. First up we have a Zesty Lemon Muffin. So zesty and lemony it hurts to bite into. After eating it or just getting a little taste, you feel like you have to brush your teeth a million times and drink some cold water to get rid of the sour taste.

Bran Muffin. Next, we have a Bran muffin, so sweet to look at because you think there could be chocolate in it, and once you take a bite, it’s dry and old on the inside. Now some people may love bran muffins, but you may need a lot of milk or something to wash it down. Somehow Bran muffins are the only muffins that make you think *wow, could have had a better muff.*

Cranberry Muffin.Now we come to my favorite muffin. Of all the muffins this one is probably my favorite, though I would never tell anyone else this. I always go home and laugh. We have come to the Cranberry Muffin. Pink, sweet and sweaty because of the berries inside. This muffin does not like being locked up in a box, and slightly tart but made with extra vanilla for the essence of sweetness.

One day I come in to train this muffin, and the muffin has giant black claws at least to inches long. I tell them those things must go; no one can have them working here. Miss. Cranberry Muffin looks at me and assures me it won’t be a problem for today. Cranberry was wrong, oh so wrong.

Cranberry Muffin makes a strawberry watermelon red bull, and accidentally claws the side of the cup, and then pulls the claw out from the cup. It starts gushing and squirting everywhere. In the coffee, on her clothes, on the food, on me, and I am staring in shock. Miss. Cranberry Muffin doesn’t understand what is happening and proceeds to give the customer the squirting red bull. I grab it from her hands telling her to make a new one, as I turn to apologize to the customer who is laughing at me while the red bull is squirting down my body. I could have been so angry at this. Instead, we used it as a learning lesson, and now I can laugh about it.

Plastic Muffin. Up next is probably the best looking one. Have you ever walked into the front of the store and the very first muffin you see looks incredible, and when you ask for it the guys behind the counter say that specific one you pointed at is plastic and just for show? That is my next co-worker, a plastic muffin used for decoration to entice people into coming back. There is nothing much to say about this muffin other than it’s pretty and plastic.

Vanilla Muffin. The very last muffin is the plainest of them all. My Vanilla Muffin. Not much going on, just a hint of some vanilla and a whole lot of flour. You must repeat things slow, and over and over, you must write things down and force this muffin to read it. Whenever you check the cameras and know Mr. Vanilla could be doing something you have to call and remind vanilla what they should be focused on.

Overall, I love the muffins we have, I am learning their flavors for what they are and not comparing them to one another. My mom, once to me you have to taste something for what it is and not what you want it to be or what you think it should taste like. I am coming to realize that this statement is true for most things in life, and I think it’s one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received.


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