Back To Barista.

When I first moved to New Hampshire, I got a grownup job I thought my family and friends would be proud of. It turns out it was one of the worst jobs I have ever had. I ended up stressed continuously about going to work and dealing with the owner, and I was always in a state of anxiety. I was never happy.
I initially took the job because the manager at the time was a fantastic leader. She was incredible, I talked to her for an hour, and I knew I wanted to learn how to be a good leader from her. I should have looked more closely at the company; the owner was a nutcase. It was her first business, and she was so rude to everyone that all her employees ended up leaving. After few days, I noticed four people had quit, and then the manager who hired me, said she was also going. The person who had stayed the longest was only there for a total of five months.
I tried so hard to stick it out, and I wanted everyone to be proud of me for jumping into my new life so quickly. Every day I went to work, untrained, unprepared, and scared of the owner. Every day I had to deal with more passive aggressive BS that was thrown my way. Finally, one day the owner broke me. I excused myself to the bathroom and cried. I sat on the toilet and just cried for three minutes. Wiped up my tears continued with the rest of the day. I carpooled with my mom home, and she knew there was something wrong, I was wound up and on the verge of tears again. My mom and I talked the whole car ride home, and she told me to quit.
I never once said I loved this new job, I was never thrilled, and I never wanted to be there. I have never had a situation like that. I’m sure it won’t be the last one I hate, but I hope it’s the last one with a horrible owner.
I ended up applying to a new store, closer to home, and back to doing what I love. I am going to be a barista. It isn’t as “grownup” as the last job I had but I’ve decided I don’t need a grownup job right now, and I shouldn’t be concerned about making other people proud. I should focus on being happy, and be myself. That’s why I moved here.


31 thoughts on “Back To Barista.

  1. Your mom has been wonderful and you just turned the page and focused on a new happy life.that is the best reaction.
    My first job after university was similar with a boss that was aggressive and verbally abusive.It was over 20years ago and nobody dared to complained.There were bad names,swearing and counting the time spent in the toilet,like he was coming to knock at the door after 3/4 minutes if we were going not in a regular break.My mom used to listen at my frustrations but you know what?now we laugh about it.It made my shoulders wider and prepared me to the worst,also prepared me to be a much different boss.Pretending but always respectful and fair.😊

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  2. Wow! What a grown up thing to do! We have to make ourselves happy and recognizing that is so mature. I am sixty-five and struggling with the same issues in part time job! It will either work for me or I’ll move on. I spent 25 years under constant stress til I could retire. Not going to be unhappy for on second now doing something I hate. Take care of yourself. Sometimes your calling finds you😊

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