Adulting Sucks, But Maybe I Can Help.

For the last two weeks I have been extremely exhausted, and stressed. I work a little over forty hours a week and I deal with some of the worst people possible. Late at night I have been thinking of my family, was my mom this exhausted? Was she this stressed out with her first real job? How did she make it through the day with out screaming at someone?… Will my little sister feel like me at some point in her life? The answer is.. she probably will feel overwhelmed and totally out of place when she is an adult.

Being a new adult is totally different than how I imagined it. I went from being a horny teenager in college, partying my ass off with no responsibilities, straight to full blown adult with out the help of money from the family…. Do you know how bad that sucks? It sucks hard core. People expect me to behave like an adult, pay taxes, and be respectful to assholes when I would love to spit in their drinks and flip them all off.

I can barely handle it how will my sister do? She is only five but I can see she is already way more hot headed than I am, way more sassy, and already extremely stubborn. One night I started thinking about all the things she should know when she is 20-21.

  1. Don’t take drinks from strangers. Watch it come from the bartender to you.
  2. Please don’t get so shit-faced you have sex with a strange man while your ass is hanging out the window… it’s not classy.
  3. Taxes suck, but when you make enough, just do them.
  4. You may be tired after work… but just take a damn shower. You will feel much better afterwards… and while you’re at it do the laundry.
  5. When you are 20, don’t think you will get the job of your dreams, it doesn’t work like that. Work your ass off, move up in a good company, gain skills, and go to school. You will get where god meant for you to go.
  6. Never give up hope, and never lose faith. Things will get to a point where you want to cry and give up, but don’t.
  7. Always talk to your mom and dad. Never be embarrassed. I have been so embarrassed to talk to mom and it never helped me, talking to her is what helps.
  8. Remember to say I love you to everyone. I used to forget to say it all the time, our grandparents are bat-shit crazy, but you never know if it’s the last time you get to see them.
  9. Fall in love with yourself and everyone else. I have met people who are so drained and unhappy. Don’t turn out like them, love every thing you do and every minute of it. Fall in love with amazing people and even if they leave at the end, never regret it.
  10. Do whatever you want. Don’t fall to the standards of society because those people suck major balls in life.
  11. Lastly, always know that I will be there for you. I would burn this world down to see you happy, never forget you have an amazing family that will support you. Growing up is hard. I am here to try and make it better for you.

One day I will show her this, when she understands more. When life gets rough and she breaks down. I wanted a sister forever, I begged my mom for years, I broke down when I found out my moms baby would be a little girl. When she grows into an adult, hopefully she will have an easier time adjusting than me. Maybe she will listen to me, but probably not. These tips may not help the need to scream at people, but they will help her life over all. I still have trouble controlling my emotions, but after talking to my mom about it, I usually feel much better, knowing your family supports you can make a whole situation feel completely different. One day she will understand, and I can’t wait to see who she grows up to be.


33 thoughts on “Adulting Sucks, But Maybe I Can Help.

  1. That’s a nice list. I think #9 is hardest, because at some point in life — or many people’s lives — you have to stop doing what is best for you because maybe that doesn’t coincide with what is best for other people who depend on you. And that’s how lots of people end up drained and unhappy, as you say. Loving everything you do at every minute is a worthy goal, however, and I hope you attain it. Best wishes!

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