Barista Problems.

Being a barista is one of the best jobs you can have, while in college. You can get great tips, meet the best people, meet the funniest people, and you can drink coffee all day long. Which is amazing when pulling all nighters. Unfortunately there are some down sides to being a barista, you meet the cheapest people, you meet the rudest people, and you meet people who obviously have never had a sip of coffee in their entire lives.

  1. The Cheapos. These guys are number one on my hit list. Every day I get a man who is very short, has a lazy eye, and asks for water, well this would be fine but we charge .50 cents for water. This sounds ridiculous but California is going through a drought, and I could get fired by not charging for the water. Every morning this man, takes out .25 cents. I always tell him it isn’t enough. So he goes and BEGS all my other customers for money. After about 30 minute he comes back with a $1.75 which is enough for a small tea with a discount. I give him the discount even though he doesn’t have one because it’s easier than arguing with him. I give him his tea and he drinks it all up in about ten minutes, and comes back for a refill, now the refill is also .50 cents. He has the .50 cents on him but he asks me for a different drink, he always asks me for a small refill on a coffee. Every morning I explain to him that, this is not the way refills work, I can get him the same drink for .50 cents. After explaining this carefully, I give him his last tea for the day.
  2. The Rude Ones. These people might just be the worst. Who knew coffee could make someone so angry. The very first day on this job, I was ringing a lady up, and I was a little slow because I didn’t know how to ring up what she wanted, I had never worked with coffee before. I looked at her and smiled, told her sorry for the inconvenience I was new and learning. She looked at me and said “Make sure someone else makes my drink, I don’t need you fucking up.” Yes she really threw the F BOMB out there like that, and my face was bright red with embarrassment. I have never had a customer talk to me like that before, but when dealing with the public, you have to be prepared for this reaction. However rare it may be, people like this come up to you all the time. Being a barista teaches you to have more confidence in yourself.
  3. The Clueless Ones. These people are the least of my worries, If I talk to them for five minutes and it is clear they have no idea what they are talking about, I make the decision for them. One lady came up to me asking me for a hot Frappuccino, of course I explained those drinks were cold but I could make the same flavor she wanted as a latte. The answer I got from her was “Not what I want.” She really needed that hot Frappuccino. Another one of my customers came up to me one day and asked me for a cappuccino with no foam. Now the entire point of a cappuccino is to have extra foam, some people even ask for a spoon to eat all the foam. I told this customer that a latte would be cheaper, and it is exactly what she wanted. Unfortunately she insisted on being charged for a cappuccino, but with absolutely no foam. She even checked the receipt to make sure I charged her for the cappuccino.

Even with all these weird, rude customers, I really love my job. I have had some pretty cool jobs with fancy tittles, but none have taught me as many skills as this job has. I have learned to talk to people, not take shit from people, and reach my goals in sales. I have made great connections to people, that I probably would have never met with out this job, and I know my worth.  These are invaluable skills that I never had from my other jobs. I am now a lead, working my way up to assistant manager, and it is tough work. I’ve never had a job where there is room for growth, and now that I have this opportunity, there is absolutely no way I will give it up. So if you ever get this chance to be a barista, do it, and don’t regret it.


49 thoughts on “Barista Problems.

  1. I don’t know how you are so patient with the rude ones and the cheapos, They try intentionally and un to get under your skin as well as the people in the line up going “Really??” whew you got patience 🙂

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    1. It takes a certain kind of person to be a barista. You have to be friendly NO MATTER WHAT, and keep calm under pressure, as well as being patient. Growing up I was never patient, but I have learned to be. I am no great but practice makes perfect! =)


      1. I am impressed. You are expressing yourself very well online. It reminds me of some customer service jobs I have had, the most tough job was with a towing company. Some mornings I would come to work and there would several crunched cars and one shiny new sports car that was caught parked illegally. Imagine all that drama.

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      2. Thank you that actually means a lot! I had another blog, but I never got super into it. Now I am trying again, and I definitely feel more confident in writing. I can certainly imagine the drama! That would be a rough morning for everyone!


  2. Wow! Why do people have to be read! They must be unhappy people. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

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  3. I really enjoyed this post! It confirmed for me that anyone in a service job runs into these same characters. My daughter worked as wait staff at a local restaurant and she met the same kinds of people (I heard about it daily!),
    Thank you so much for following my blog – I am honored. I hope you will stop by often and leave me your thoughts on what I post!

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    1. Well I had a fun time writing this piece. Most of the time I pick one topic and narrow it down to write about. Then it flows easier instead of having it all over the place. Maybe my next piece I can write about the good customers. I did say that being a Barista is one of the best jobs you could get in college. And I’m sorry if you thought I was being “obsessed” with the bad customers. I just narrowed down my topic.


      1. No I mean all retail/customer service blogs. Not just yours. We tend to lean towards the negative, and despite us saying we had fun, we aren’t really demonstrating it.

        Not offended, just an observation.


  4. Being a barista has it’s perks aside from rude customers who come to get a steamy cup of coffee in the middle of summer, like August when the heat is unbearable. Never understood that. anyway, once you become an expert, people will ask for you only to make their drinks, or make a point to come in only when you’re working. That was the best part knowing you made someone’s favorite exactly the way they wanted everytime. I couldn’t make a career of being a barista though, just not my ideal line of work. I worked at starbucks in high school.

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  5. It sounds like an interesting job. Thank you so much for following my blog. We would love your feedback on some of our stories. My heavy hitters are Lardy Arms…Queen Kong and I…Blue Jasmine…Miss Scarlet and rutjob, if you come by and comment, we will certainly return the favor and not be cheap about it like that guy with the lazy eye. Love your blog and hope to see you at Gastradamus soon

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  6. Dealing with the public is not an easy job … or as my oldest son used to say, ‘people suck’ 🙂 He worked as a barista too when he was in university and loved his job.
    Great post! Nice to hear what happens on the other side of the counter, even if some people unfortunately have a self of entitlement.

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    1. Yesterday I got the worst person. She was so mean I actually called my mom to cry. People can be so hurtful and the only thing I can do is try to make their experience great. I love my job. I meet the worst and best people.


      1. So sorry to hear that.
        My son actually refused to serve people if they were verbally abusive. He would warn them that their language was unacceptable and did they want to continue on a civilized note. He was lucky that he had a store manager who supported a barista’s right to refuse service to an abusive customer.

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      2. I have had a few potty mouth customers. And they were all sober adults who figured because they were disgruntled , they had a right to be That rude and create emotional wreckage Around anyone who could hear them. In most cases, I was rescued by a male who Could look large and stern and take care of Their problem. Interestingly enough, the customers usually kept swearing and didn’t shut up until they left the premises. Gross huh? Did you know that swearing and screaming Raises your blood pressure and is bad for your cardiovascular system. It is not a positive Way to relieve stress, find a solution, and is negative energy for anyone around. So take a deep breath, chill and tell that rude Person to come back later when they have A better attitude and can act polite. And keep Your finger near the black button on the phone. :).

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