Getting great skin is hard!

So for the last month I have been determined to get better skin. I have huge pores that I have been dying to get rid of. Since I started this crazy mission I have bought, six different types of facemask, three types of face wash and every type of lotion you can think of. I have tried Biore pore strips, Proactiv pore erasing lotion, and even some of Paula’s Choice face wash.

Image result for proactiv pore minimizer

The Biore strips do not work on me. I tried all eight strips, I let the, dry all the way till it looked crackly, pulled it off, and absolutely nothing happened. My pores were still there. The two best products I have tried happen to be a drug store product. It is a clay mask, bright green made from avocados and oatmeal. It is absolutely amazing. I use it once every few days and it really makes my pores smaller, and almost non existent. The next thing I use that really works is Proactiv Pore Targetting Treatment. This product is absolutely amazing and it really gets rid of all your pores. The only problem with this is it does dry out your skin if you use is every single day. I found that using it once or twice a week is the right amount to get rid of all pores and keep great skin that won’t flake. Image result for avocado oatmeal mask

The last thing I use is Olay Regenerist Luminous overnight mask. It says over night mask but it is an amazing moisturizer I put on every night and it helps heal all damages skin and does wonders. My boyfriends grandma used this and she had absolutely ageless skin for all of her life. So I decided to try it, and it is to die for. Image result for olay regenerist luminous gel


4 thoughts on “Getting great skin is hard!

  1. I have huge pores too. The thing that works for me is following the Korean ten step skin care routine. I’m not sure which among the products helped reduce the size of my pores but something worked, lol! I have better looking skin and smaller pores 😀


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